Thanks for the help Apple!!!

Posted: June 14, 2012 in contributors, Graphicskin

Come and help me celebrate the most innovative piece of electronic gadgetry that has come a long way from the Mac Book Pro. Of course I am taking about the iPad 2!!  Not be confused with its predecessor, the iPad.

I like the simplicity of the design and the ability to explore other people’s websites on (Youtube), to receive instruction on how to troubleshoot iPad related issues.  In other words, there are online sources that direct you in the right way to victory.

     I find the one item that I really rely on to get my work done on the iPad is the Safari link application.  Without it I would be lost, and out of my mind.  I would also like to do more projects with the iMovie application, because I love seeing an idea, and putting that thought to video.  It seems that every time I come across an event, I always tell myself that I wish I could video tape this moment in time.

but why is iPad the most efficient item out in the market today, and why do people like myself really need to use this delight. I am almost sold in the idea to purchase one of these little dynmos, and the answer to that is workspace cleanliness. I am an incredible clean freak, and I feel that the time it takes me to organize a workspace is too long. I will be ready for the time when there are very few items on a person’s desk, or table. Another neat little item that all office goers want is everthing-in-one. I will be happy for the day when I am in an office of my own, and I am looking for cleanliness, and efficiency.

     Keep in mind that we as a culture are constantly looking for the better gadget, the cure-all for the workplace, and I feel that the iPad is that gotta have item ever young, and old will enjoy through the next few years.

     In closing, I would give this little powerhouse a big thumbs up. Way to go Apple, for your innovation, and attention to imagination. HORAAY!!!


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